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Make your practice more attractive with these easy dental office improvements

Is your dental office in need of a facelift? If you want to make some aesthetic changes to your surgery but you’re short of time or resources, check out these easy dental office improvements that are super simple to achieve.

Update your bathroom

A clean, modern and appealing bathroom can set the scene for your overall patient experience. Don’t forget that many clients will pop in to use the facilities and brush their teeth before their appointments, so they’ll form an impression of your surgery based on what they find there. A simple bathroom refit will make a real difference to how people perceive your premises; if designed and refurbished well, it’ll leave your patients feeling reassured that your dental office is clean, hygienic, comfortable and up to date with modern technology.

Change your colour scheme

Colour can have a huge influence on mood and perception, and updating your colour scheme is one of the cheapest and easiest dental office improvements to execute. When choosing new colours for your surgery, think about how your clients currently experience your practice, and how you want them to feel when they walk in through the door. After redecorating, your surgery should look and feel like a modern, clean and professional environment where patients are made welcome.

Rethink your lighting

Like colour, lighting can have a powerful influence on how patients experience your surgery. If you are lucky enough to enjoy lots of natural light, do everything you can to make the most of it – so don’t place furniture in front of windows; instead, make a feature of them. If your dental office suffers from a lack of natural light, consider installing daylight bulbs, which have the same effect of putting people at ease. In waiting areas, reduce harsh lighting; softer lights are more relaxing.

Introduce elements of nature

Dental surgeries can induce anxiety in nervous patients. A well-thought-out dental interior will include features intended to reduce those anxiety levels as much as possible. One of the easiest ways to do this is to introduce natural elements such as plants and water features into the waiting and reception areas. Together with photographs or paintings of natural scenes, these can be instrumental in reducing stress levels and helping patients to relax. And what’s more, they’re quick, easy and low-cost, too.

Incorporate your branding

Does the appearance of your dental practice currently make the most of your brand? Use brand colours and consistent logos, signs and messaging throughout the surgery (including signage outside on the street to attract passers-by and reassure new visitors that they have found the right place). Make sure the branding of your dental office reflects that seen in your online and marketing materials. More than just a superficial update, this is a dental office improvement that will help to build trust with your clients and project a professional image.

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